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The West Orange Warrior Band
Kenneth Boyd, Director of Bands; Robert Krahn, Garth Steger, Associate Directors

Financial Information

Fair Share

Full Amount
You may pay the full amount of the Fair Share due by the second Wednesday of Band Camp:


Payment Plan
You may elect to submit a payment plan in lieu of paying the full amount at once. After the initial installment, you agree to pay according to a regular schedule of payments outlined on the Payment Plan that must be submitted. The Payment Plans can be found on the Forms page.

  1. All: $50 minimum due the second Wednesday of Band Camp
  2. Winter Guard: $50 minimum installment due January 1

Other Costs

Marching Shoes
All students are required to wear marching shoes - $35

Water Jug
All students are required to have a water jug for marching band rehearsals and performances. To ensure uniformity, these must be purchased through the band program.

Instrument Use Fees
Students using school instruments (all percussionists and various woodwinds and brass) are asked to pay $50 towards the regular maintenance of their instrument. Since percussionists use many different instruments through marching and concert seasons, they are asked to pay $50 each semester. Wind and brass players who use school instruments in both marching and concert seasons (tuba for example: sousaphone for marching and concert tuba for concert band) are also asked to pay $50 per semester. This is far cheaper than renting a tuba (or other instrument) monthly through a store.

The $50 does not cover damage to instruments outside of normal use. Normal use does not include dropping, collisions, lack of proper maintenance (oiling of valves, etc.), or general carelessness (i.e. left in vehicle in hot sun). See the Instrument Check-Out Form for more information.

Wind Symphony Uniform
Students selected to be in Wind Symphony are required to purchase a dress or tuxedo as their performance uniform.

Payment of Fair Share and Assessments

We accept several forms of payment of fair share and assessments:

Financial Hardship

We recognize that these are hard financial times for many families, and while we cannot function without adequate funding we do not want such financial efforts to prevent a student's participation in band. Communication is key. We offer a payment plan (see top of page) that students and parents may use to commit to paying assessments little by little at regular intervals throughout the year. This lets us know you understand the obligation but are unable to pay the full amount when due, and that you are willing to help us by making small payments.


For questions regarding your account, fees, or other financial matters, please contact our treasurer at Include the student name in the message.
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